An Open Letter To The Person Too Scared To Try Bible Journaling

An Open Letter To The Person Too Scared To Try Bible Journaling


Is your heart pounding? A bead of sweat running down your forehead? Hand shaking with the pencil in it? Stop. Breathe. It’s going to be ok.

You might be scared to try it at first, but honestly it will open up a whole new world of worship to you. Do you think you’re not arty enough, not creative enough? It doesn’t matter! Who is going to see what you do in here today? It is between you and God. So release your wobbly lines, your smudged words and your not-quite-straight stickers – GOD LOVES IT WHEN YOU CONNECT WITH HIM.

You know that picture your son drew of you that you pinned on the fridge even though it’s not “perfect”? Yeah, the one that fills you with pride and a warm glow every time you make a cuppa and reach for the milk in the fridge door, because HE DREW THAT!! He drew that for me, and it is an expression of his love for me. Well that is what God sees when He looks down at your journaling bible. He sees every ounce of love and worship that you are going to pour into it. He sees you grappling with His word, trying to understand it and put it into perspective in your own life. He sees the love you have for him and he sees his creative characteristics coming out in his child.

So quit letting those amazing pics on Instagram of what others have done get you down and focus on the heart of what bible journaling is – a creative act of worship for you and God to enjoy. And enjoy the process, enjoy the results, and enjoy the imperfections.


A novice bible journaler with a creative heart

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