First Ever Online Bible Journaling Festival

First Ever Online Bible Journaling Festival

On the 6th August 2019, I waited nervously for the first session of the Online Summer Festival of Bible Journaling to begin.  It was a crazy idea I had had whilst thinking about how to connect more people to their creative sides.  I was very aware that my location made it hard for some of those I spoke to to get to my workshops and other activities.  Sometimes they lived on the opposite side of the UK, sometimes they had kids that they couldn’t leave, sometimes they were ill and couldn’t leave their beds.  And so I decided I would bring the bible journaling community to them.

The festival was due to start at 7:30pm with a Facebook Live video.  I started the video with a prayer, and was amazed when God answered it by bringing so many people to join in with the nights activities.  Themed around flowers and what their significance is to us and in the bible, we made floral collages and shared our own meanings with each other.  It was such a joy to be a part of, and I am now expectant that the second and third sessions will be just as powerful.

Bible Journaling On My Bed was started to encourage people to connect with God creatively in their own space and their own way.  My space of intimacy with God is on my bed, with my bible out and craft stuff all over.  Maybe that’s yours too, or maybe you love to curl up on the sofa.  Wherever it is, why not join me at 7:30pm on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th August 2019 for a night a bible journaling and chit chat.  You can find all the details over in the event page.


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